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"My latest art, Sociopath, is part of my new series, Horrible Secrets. This series which examines some of my most gut-wrenching life experiences will be exhibited in the RAW show sometime this spring. The RAW show will take place in Stellabelle’s Musueum:

This art portrays my own experience with a sociopath, who was also the sperm donor of my child. Before I met this man, I had no idea about sociopaths, and I didn’t realize he was one of them, until it was too late. I experienced an identity loss and intense psychological abuse which took years to undo. The feeling of losing my voice, my identity and my sanity is depicted in this art, with my face being ripped off by him. If there was a memory erasing service available, I would definitely sign up. I wrote about this experience and others in my book, Un-Crap Your Life: Navigating Life’s Crappiest Situations, which is available on Amazon:"

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